Thursday, April 28, 2011

Painting With Light

This week Cherish, Kristan, Quint and I went out to a dark baseball field and used a long exposure to create our own nighttime baseball scene. Here's the result:

As the weather warms up, Columbia's baseball leagues begin once again at parks and schools around town, including night games.

Here's a lighting diagram of how we did it:

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Audio Slideshow Research

When researching audio slideshows, I thought it would be interesting to try to find some regarding civil war events like that of the upcoming final project. Unfortunately, this (below) was the only one I could find, and I’m not crazy about it. It seems a little too typical and too short. The audio sounds good, but opening with gunshots and closing with music seemed a little too predictable. The lack of depth in the sole interview left the entire project feeling flat.

Because this video was below the standard I’d want to personally watch or create, I also thought I’d comment on a POY documentary winner, “Waiting For Death.” This slideshow was done incredibly well. The audio is clear and compelling, with incredibly impactful quotes chosen. The story, though incredibly simple and common, is driven forward by these quotes. The stills used are of excellent quality, and detail shots from the scenes representing the man’s oncoming death are used in a very professional way. The same representation is used in the opening referring to the rotting statue, which is incredibly strong imagery. Overall, the audio and visuals work together to make this piece have such impact, something too few slideshows manage to do.

Multiple Flash

This week Jeremy and I photographed students playing volleyball at night using two SB-800 flashes as the image's key lights. Here's the resulting image:

Students enjoy the spring weather while playing volleyball on the Stankowski sand volleyball courts in the evening. The courts were recently opened for the season.

Here's a lighting diagram of how we did it:

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Here's an interview my classmate Quint did using a green screen:

Thursday, March 24, 2011


This week I used my flash as a fill light as opposed to being the key light. I sat down with Jack Smithey, a strategic communications student at the university, as he played banjo on the quad around high noon on a sunny day. I used the flash to fill in his face, eliminating distracting shadows caused by his hat. Here's the resulting image:

MU student Jack Smithey plays banjo on Francis Quadrangle. Having already learned guitar, Smithey has been practicing banjo since Christmas.

Here's a lighting diagram to show how I did it:

I also used my flash to balance an indoor setting with the brightness of a sunny day. To do this I went to Yogoluv, a local frozen yogurt bar, to try to show how business was picking up due to the sunny weather. I bounced my flash off the ceiling to brighten the inside setting. Though I didn't choose it as my select, here's one resulting image from the shoot:

(Left to right) Brenda Liewalt, Brittany Kenhagan and Emily Hartwood enjoy frozen yogurt on Sunday afternoon as temperatures reach the mid-70s.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Color Correction

This week I worked on using flash in bad lighting environment's. To do this, I went to local bike shop Cycle Extreme and took pictures of bike mechanic Benjamin Moore at work. The lights were fluorescent and gave off a light-orange or peach colored tint. In order to make the image's colors look normal, I used a light orange gel (Roscosun 1/2 CTO) over the flash and changed my camera's white balance settings to fluorescent. Here's the resulting image:

Here's the lighting diagram of how I made it:

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Single Flash Assignment

For this assignment I took my new SB-600 flash out and used it in multiple low-light situations. First, I photographed students playing billiards at Mort's in the new MU Student Center using direct flash. I then used bounce flash to photograph another student filling her car with gas, reflecting my flash off the gas pump itself to light the situation.

MU student Kelli Dawson fills her car with gas at the Conoco station for $3.39 a gallon. Despite the recent spike in gas prices, Dawson considers purchasing gas unavoidable as she lives off campus and drives to class daily.

MU student Karl Chwiesiuk plays billiards at Mort's in the recently completed MU Student Center.

Though I chose the above image as my select, a lot of other images from the billiards shoot turned out well. Though the lighting is imperfect, I particularly like the content of this one from a journalistic, interaction-based standpoint.

(From left to right) Trevor Howes, Michael Owens and Karl Chwiesiuk watch as Tom Collins takes his turn. The four students regularly play billiards at Mort's in the MU Student Center.

Here's a lighting diagram for how I created my two selects: